• Simple, Accessible Controls - The control system has been streamlined to work perfectly with modern touch interfaces
  • The position of the directional pad can be adjusted freely, enabling players to switch between one-handed and two-handed play with a tap of the screen.
  • The combat system has also been reworked, allowing for one-tap battles as well as more complex play
  • The Tension System - During battle, you can select 'Psyche Up' to give your next attack some extra oomph!
  • The more you psyche a character up, the higher their tension will rise, until they finally reach an insane state known as super-high tension
  • Skill Points - Skill points are earned when your characters level up, and can be assigned to various skills in order to learn new spells and abilities
  • This system allows you to perfectly tailor your team to your liking
  • Monster Teams - Certain monsters found in the field can be scouted for your monster team – if you're tough enough to beat them, that is
  • Once assembled, your crack squad can take part in the fiercely-contested tournaments held at the monster arena, and can even come to your aid in battle
  • The Alchemy Pot - Combine existing items to create entirely new ones
  • Even the most unassuming objects could be ingredients for the greatest items of all!
  • Seek out the recipes hidden all over the world, and see if you can cook up something truly special
  • The Casino - Fans of the series will be pleased to learn that the casino is back, and fully-equipped for fun
  • This time around, there are three exciting activities to enjoy: bingo, slot machines and roulette
  • Just don't get so caught up in the action that you forget your adventure entirely

Google Play: Link
Version 1.0.1
Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Instruction: Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and Play

Download Apk+Data No Root
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