Oxygen XML Editor v13.1 Portable

is the best XML editor available, with a large number of users ranging from beginners to XML experts. It is the only XML tool that supports all the XML schema languages. The XSLT and XQuery support is enhanced with powerful debuggers and performance profilers. You can use XML Editor to work with all XML-based technologies including XML databases, XProc pipelines, and web services.

Specially tuned for content authors, XML Author comes with a configurable and extensible visual editing mode based on W3C CSS stylesheets with ready-to-use DITA, DocBook, TEI and XHTML support, making the ideal XML authoring solution.

XML Editor is a cross-platform application available on all the major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris) and can be used either standalone or as an Eclipse plugin.

XML Editor has a large number of features regarding the editing of the XML related documents. You can find here a detailed list of them.

XML Editor
The XML Editor in oXygen is a complete XML development platform with support for all major XML related standards. An XML file can be edited in the following perspectives: XML text editor, WYSIWYG-like editor, XML grid editor, tree editor.

XML Author
introduces a new Author edition specially tuned for content authors providing a well designed interface for XML editing by keeping only the relevant authoring features.

XML Developer
introduces a new edition specially tuned for developers providing a simple and intelligent interface for XML & Schema editing. XML Developer is derived from the XML Editor IDE, its main features focusing on XML Source editing, Schema designer and XSLT Editing/Debugging.

Advanced Editing Features
To improve developers experience offers few advanced editing features like Change Tracking, support for Annotations/Comments, Profiling/Conditional text and an XML Plug-in for acrolinx IQ.

XML Plug-in for acrolinx IQ
The XML Plug-in for acrolinx IQ is aimed at companies that produce technical documentation in multiple languages, allowing you to apply tried and tested copy writing and style guidelines that rapidly improves the quality of your organization's written content.

offers out-of-the-box visual editing support (CSS based) for a number of important XML documentation frameworks: DITA, DocBook, TEI, XHTML. In case you are planning to use other type of XML documents, there is available an API for customizing .

Schema Editor
XML Editor offers you the possibility to edit different types of schemas: XML Schemas, DTDs, Schematron, Relax NG and NVDL Schemas.

JSON Editor
JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a lightweight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange. It is derived from the JavaScript scripting language for representing simple data structures and associative arrays, called objects.

XML Diff & Merge
A complete diff and merge solution is now also available as a separate product. It offers both directory and file comparison, six different diff algorithms and multiple levels of comparison.

XML Schema Documentation
The XML Schema documentation tool allows you to easily generate full documentation for the XML Schema content models including comprehensive diagrams, annotations and cross references.

The XSLT support offers the best XSLT Editor available, an intuitive XSLT Debugger, a powerful XSLT Documentation tool and a wide range of actions designed to refactor/reorganize the content of XSLT stylesheets.

XQuery is intended for labeling information extracted from multiple structured sources like XML documents, object repositories and relational databases including native XML databases. offers help with editing, executing and debugging XQuery documents.

Native XML and Relational Databases
XML Editor can perform XQuery/XPath queries against a native XML database through a connection to the database server. A dedicated collection of database exploring views are grouped together in a database perspective layout.

Content Management System (CMS) Integration
XML Editor offers integration with different content management systems: EMC Documentum, any WebDAV enabled CMS, IxiaSoft DITA CMS.

Subversion (SVN) Client
XML Editor makes easier the document sharing between content authors by including a Subversion (SVN) client. The SVN client allows you to browse repositories, check for changes, commit changes, update your working copy and examine the revision history.

Other Features
Plugin for Eclipse, various editors for DocBook, TEI, XHTML, XSL:FO, SVG, XQuery, WSDL, remote editing, licensing policy, miscellaneous.

Release Timeline
History of the XML Editor features.

XML Feature Matrix
The list of the differences between Enterprise and Professional/Academic editions of XML Editor. There is a single installation kit for all editions. Different license types are activating different features.

Feature Matrix - XML Editor and XML Author
The list of the differences between XML Editor and XML Author.

Feature Matrix - XML Editor and XML Developer
The list of the differences between XML Editor and XML Developer.

Feature Matrix - XML Author and XML Developer
The list of the differences between XML Author and XML Developer.

Feature Matrix XML Editor - Enterprise and Professional Editions
The list of the differences between XML Editor Enterprise and Professional Editions.

Feature Matrix XML Author - Enterprise and Professional Editions
The list of the differences between XML Author Enterprise and Professional Editions.

Feature Matrix XML Developer - Enterprise and Professional Editions
The list of the differences between XML Developer Enterprise and Professional Editions.

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